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It’s a long been since Instagram is no longer a simple social network for sharing memories and communicating with friends and acquaintances! These days, many users can earn a good income by producing creative content and even starting their tiny home businesses through this social network.

If you plan to start creating content on Instagram, you are probably looking for the most important part of the job: finding the right idea to start creating an Instagram page and creating content!

But what ideas are suitable for starting an Instagram page? What topics can we produce good content on Instagram? In the rest of this article, join us to check 10 creative ideas for your Instagram page.

Who can create content on Instagram?

Before we go to the content creation ideas on Instagram, it is good to know that content creation is usually done for the following four purposes in this social network:

Influencers: The first group that produces content in social networks are influencers. Ordinary users who produce content focusing on a specific topic gradually gain other users’ trust. Finally, they can earn a good income by getting advertisements from different brands.

Brands: According to Adweek, at least 25 million brands worldwide produce content on Instagram! These days, many people have started shopping online, and what better opportunity for brands?

Graphic artists: People who produce visual artworks, graphic artists, and other visual content producers make up many Instagram activists. The bottom line of Instagram is based on images, and the space is very suitable for this type of activity.

Social network experts: Another category whose activity market is scorching on Instagram is social network experts. All active people in the above fields and even ordinary users who use Instagram for fun do not mind being more noticed. Instagram experts help other people publish more exciting posts and attract more followers.

Know the best ideas for starting an Instagram page.

Various areas are popular among users, and activities in these areas, while requiring more competition, may bring better short-term results. Besides that, some areas are more untouched, but attracting the audience is a little more challenging. In the following, we tried to come up with ideas for starting an Instagram page from both categories:

Travel and adventure

The idea for the Instagram page – travel

The tourist industry is one of the largest industries in the world. In the meantime, some of those who travel a lot like to share their experiences with others.

According to the old pic, 60% of those who travel regularly share their travel experiences on social networks! On the other hand, according to a consultancy report, 40% of tourist industry customers consider Instagram offers to choose their travel destination!

In other words, Instagram can be considered a kind of paradise for enthusiasts who intend to become bloggers in the field of tourism!

Beauty and health products

Another area whose market is scorching in social networks is the beauty industry. According to Rappler, 65% of teenagers choose cosmetics through social networks and influencers.

Many users on various social networks are looking for suitable makeup methods, high-quality cosmetics, and content related to the beauty industry. In the meantime, Instagram is one of the platforms that can meet this need with an image-based range. If you are also interested in the beauty field, you can start a business on the Instagram platform or take a step towards becoming a blogger by creating content.

But as you probably guessed, one of the most competitive fields on Persian Instagram is the field of beauty. Many famous influencers are competing and producing content, some of which you have probably heard!

Fashion industry

As mentioned, Instagram is a platform dependent on photos. Our attention is on all parts of this network!

According to Statista, Instagram has even made the fashion industry market bigger! On the other hand, on Instagram, many influencers who attracted the most significant number of followers are active in this field. The clothing market is also hot on Instagram.

All this means that if you choose the fashion and fashion category to produce content, you will enter the very close competition and, simultaneously, a huge market!

If you want to know how to make a proper entry, take your share of the market, and attract your particular audience in a situation where the competition in the market is maximum, stay with us until the end of this article.

health and fitness

It is impossible that you have used Instagram and have yet to see content about health and fitness! Naturally, we are all looking for the best, and Instagram is our best gallery!

This field, which includes medicines and products suitable for health, sports programs and training, and various tools, has a vast market worldwide. Instagram is also an excellent opportunity to create content in this field with tools and has provided multiple facilities.

On the other hand, with a general view on Instagram, there is less competition in this field than in categories such as beauty or fashion. Naturally, this competition has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, less competition means fewer problems, and less competition indicates a lower audience reception and more challenges to attract followers.

To produce engaging content in this field, you can look at the popular whoop page, which is professionally active in this industry and this social network.

Lifestyle and daily life

We have introduced the most popular field of content production on Instagram! Buffer, one of the essential websites active on social networks, says that 80% of the content of all social networks is about our thoughts, lifestyles, and opinions! Go back to my opinion and read the previous sentence once more!

This statistic conveys an important message: with simple browsing on Instagram, we can understand that creating content about lifestyle and telling simple stories of everyday life is the most popular genre of content creation on Instagram among users. Instagram, the largest audience community and influencer marketing (advertising) market, is for this field.

Look at the influencers you have on your following list. How many of them are active in the field of lifestyle?! There are probably not a few of them on our list! If you choose this area for content creation, ensure you have a specific lifestyle and exciting stories to tell your audience. You’re ready to compete to attract the audience and gain their attention in a sea of other influencers! Of course, the good news is that the more difficult it is, the more audience there is to attract.

The exciting and challenging world of entrepreneurship and business

After introducing an area that has produced as much content as all the earth’s oceans, we should go to a slightly more untouched area!

  Nowadays, one of our good fortunes is that it is easier than ever to find investment opportunities and make money online. In between, many people are looking for experience and training on the tips of running or starting a business and going down the path of entrepreneurship.

On Instagram, there is also the opportunity to create content and attract interested audiences by creating content about various marketing tools, failure and success experiences of your business, startup ideas, or even tips about managers’ speeches in public and topics like that.

Lovely music industry

  Is it possible not to like music? frontiers in, say, 20% of people consider music a good friend! Most of us love to listen to music, even play an instrument, and follow this industry.

Among the list of people who got the most followers in the history of Instagram, the names of three singers can be seen! In addition, there are many ways for people working in this field to make money through their Instagram page. From teaching and selling instruments to selling concert tickets and gathering more fans!

Ideas for creating content on Instagram

This field has many dimensions and is one of the appropriate categories for creating content on Instagram. Even if you are only interested in this field and do not work in this industry, you can begin your content production by creating content about news, facts, and interesting points in this field or similar ideas.

Photography, an inseparable part of Instagram 1

Many times during the article, we mentioned the importance of the image on Instagram; Therefore, it is not surprising that photography is one of the most critical areas of content creation on Instagram. According to Instagram, users upload 95 million photos and videos daily on this social network!

There are different ideas for creating content in the field of photography. You can have photography training or pose in front of the camera. You may want to attract an audience and find your following projects from this space by sharing your different tasks on your Instagram page. In any case, Instagram is undoubtedly the most important social network for photography!

Food is widespread and, of course, a source of survival!

The most popular content creation topic on Instagram

Food! One of the most popular pastimes in our daily lives, one of the most critical factors for human survival, and a popular field on Instagram!

Instagram has many influencers in the food industry. From famous restaurants and cafes that produce content on this social network to professional chefs worldwide and tasters, they are all present on this social network! You can choose this popular field to start your business if you know it. This industry has different sectors All the different topics related to it, from posting cooking recipes to displaying delicious dishes and, of course, tasting and commenting on its taste, have their fans.

Pets and their maintenance

Do you think you must be a celebrity to gather a vast army of die-hard fans on your page? Do you even need to be human to have thousands or millions of fans? Pets turned influencers have messed up every equation in your head! One of these influencers is Jiffpom, whose funny photos are tough not to like!

The industry of pets has become more significant with the growth of such pages on Instagram, and on the other hand, there are relatively fewer influencers in this field; All this means that if you are interested, there is an excellent opportunity in front of you.

What is the best topic for an Instagram page?

Let’s put your mind at ease. The best theme for the Instagram page does not exist! Instead of this question, you should ask the best topic for “your” Instagram page. A suitable answer can be given to this question.

The best topic to start creating content on Instagram is a topic that you have enough knowledge or expertise about, are interested in, and want your followers to know about you in that particular area.

Content production is a challenging and long path. No matter how much you spend and get help from shortcuts, there is a period of at least six months to a year at the beginning of this path that you have to work without any expectations! Ask yourself: “What subject or idea hurts me so much that I am willing to devote a relatively long time to it without income and wait for results?” Congratulations on answering this question! Because you found the best topic for content creation.

What are the money-making ideas of Instagram?

In the first part of this article, we introduced different fields and categories. We said that the competition in some of these subjects is exceptionally high! Now, what should be done for an idea to grow in these highly competitive areas and lead to revenue generation?

The way is to have specialized and detailed input as much as possible. For example, imagine you chose the health and fitness field to create content. In order to grow in this field, choosing a niche as small as possible is necessary.

For example, at the beginning of your career, talk only about drugs and nutritional products for fitness. Or focus your content creation on just the right sports equipment for fitness. Get even smaller! Just talk about sports supplements. You can still go smaller. Only create content about sports supplements used for weight gain! Choose a small market from the big ocean of different content and focus on the same topic as much as possible.

This way, you can talk about a topic more expertly and gain more confidence. You will also get to talk about things that the elders of your chosen field need to produce content for and be more creative! With this method, you can start your work with less risk, even in highly competitive markets, and have something new to say.

What page on Instagram makes money?

Marketing on Instagram is based on attention. We know the economy that is going on in social networks by the name of the attention economy! In this space, the more attention you get and the more influence you have on your audience, the more income you will have.

To advance this goal, it is necessary to have as much expertise as possible and gain the trust of your audience by presenting your expertise through the production of appropriate content. Look for a low number of followers! Because brands trust a page with 20,000 followers, but those 20,000 people count on your word and trust you more, more quickly than a page with 200,000 followers and less influence.

To have a good income and make a better impression on your audience, you need to be honest in your content production, be up-to-date and take seriously the standards required for content production.


The truth is, there are far more important things than ideas for Instagram activity! In this article, we introduced a combination of popular and untouched topics that you can use to start creating content on Instagram.

But you have to be careful that in the end, you take any idea to start working, contrary to what it seems from afar, you need a more straightforward task ahead of you! In my experience, the decision to create content is very similar to the decision to exercise or learn a new language, and their challenges are very similar.

Because the easiest part of learning a language or playing sports is starting! It is going to be difficult to continue! It takes a lot of energy to face challenges and stay energized in the middle of the road!

Any idea you have to start your Instagram page is the best! As long as you learn the rules of entering the market (such as finding a niche that we talked about) well, you don’t have many abandonments and returns in the middle of the road, and in general, order and compliance with the necessary standards in the course of content production and your current activity. be

If you have a question about an idea for your Instagram page, ask in the comments section and we will discuss it as soon as possible.