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This article discusses the best copyright-free music sources for creating content on Instagram and YouTube. As you know, Instagram and YouTube value music copyright very much, and you cannot use any music for your content. Content without music can considerably tire the user. Most content producers on YouTube and Instagram use appropriate and unique video pieces.

Using the right music can make the user remember more, so use the right music for your content. The solution to the copyright problem is to use a piece that does not include this law and can be used.

This article introduces six sites that provide music that does not include these rules. So join us.

Introducing 6 sources of music without copyright

As mentioned, if you post copyrighted music on Instagram or YouTube, it will be removed. It doesn’t matter why you did it; your desired music will be deleted quickly. The best solution is to use sites that provide you with copyright-free music. These websites are:

1. Thematic

Thematic is a service that you can use to access copyright-free music. This music can include the songs of different singers and musicians. To use this service, you must first register on the Thematic website. Only then can you use this service?

After subscribing to this website, you can access a complete catalog of copyright-free music. This catalog is updated a lot and can be great to use. This music is collected from different artists and can be wonderful to use.

Of course, this platform has established rules for supporting artists for most of its music. Subject members must follow a specific link and style to use songs on YouTube or Instagram; these are the only two platforms you can display your video on.

2. Bensound

The Bensound website has a variety of music that you can download and enjoy easily. None of the music on this website is copyrighted, no matter how it is used. Also, this website has many categories that you can easily use.

This website categorizes music by genre, so you can imagine what kind of music you’re into. For example, if the music you want is in the movie genre, you can easily access it by selecting the category.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay is a website for downloading stock photos. But on this website, you can access a series of copyright-free music to create your content. This website was founded in 2020 and has become one of the sources of copyright-free music.

On this website, it is possible to search for music by mode, genre, and of course, tag, and you can use it. All the music presented on this website is without copyright, and using them to create content is ultimately allowed. Under the license of Pixabay, you can download and modify free, copyright-free music for commercial and non-commercial use. According to the rules of this site, mentioning the source is not required in any way.

4. TeknoAXE

YouTuber TeknoAXE is a music producer and has become a source of copyright-free music for content creation. Anyone can use the music presented on this site quickly, and there is no problem using the music on this site. There are many theme songs on this site that you can use to do whatever you want.

Be careful that the music on this site only has a CC 4.0 license, and you should not change the desired theme. Otherwise, you will face various problems.

5. Icons8 Fugue

Icons8 is known as a source for icon downloads and stock photos. But it is considered one of the sources of music without copyright. Using this website’s theme to create content can be significant. You can download music as MP3. But you have to pay to unlock WAV.

The music collection available on this site is categorized based on various issues. For example, genre and mode can be mentioned.

6. Unminus

Unminus is also the last website featured in the copyright-free music resources article. This website is different from the other mentioned sites. The main reason for this difference is the CC0 license. With this license, you can use the desired work for personal or commercial use.

This means you can do whatever you want with the music in Unminus, and you don’t have to add a link to it in the YouTube description or put it in the credits.

last word

In this article, it was tried in general to music sources without copyright for creating content on YouTube and Instagram is paid. As said at the beginning of the article, Instagram and YouTube are extremely sensitive to copyright issues, so you cannot use any music in your content.

The websites introduced in this article help you easily create content with beautiful music. If you enjoyed reading this article, share your criticisms and suggestions in the comments section. Be happy and prosperous.