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Delete a Twitter account

Twitter is a social media globally recognized as the best network for following the day’s news. Due to Twitter’s feature of limiting the number of shares, using it will take less time. In Iran, this social network is filtered, that’s why not all people can use it, and only those who work in the field of web and journalism can use it.

You may have used this program and intend to deactivate your account for a while or leave it forever. In this article, we will teach you how to delete a Twitter account from your mobile and computer, as well as how to deactivate it. Or temporarily delete the Twitter account, so stay with us.

What is a waiter?
Twitter is a social network that was launched in 2006. In 2012, this social network was able to attract more than 500 million users, and according to statistics, more than 340 million tweets or text posts were sent on this social network daily. Unlike most other social networks, Twitter has unique terms and conditions of use. For example, on Twitter, the user can finally post a text of 146 characters. Posts sent on Twitter are called tweets.

Note that it is impossible to deactivate the Twitter account through other operating systems, and you can only del

OIP - How to Delete a Twitter account

How to delete a Twitter account with a computer

ete or deactivate it through the leading site and the website of this program.

First, log into your browser and go to When you enter the Twitter page, enter your username and password in the opened field, and click log in.
After entering your account information, you enter the Twitter profile page, then click on your profile picture and select the settings and privacy option to enter the Twitter settings page.

By entering the settings page, there is an option called deactivate your account at the bottom of the page, which is related to deactivating your Twitter account. Click on this option.
By clicking on it, a new page will be opened for you, which explains the deletion of the Twitter account.
At the end of this description, there is a deactivate option; click on it.

Then on the final page, Twitter will ask you for your account password. Enter your account password and click the deactivate account button.

After selecting this option, your account will be deactivated, and you will leave Twitter. You have 30 days to reactivate your account. That you enter your username and password to reactivate and use this network; otherwise, your report will be deleted.

Delete a Twitter account with a phone

Deleting the Twitter account through the phone means you cannot do it directly from the Twitter application itself, and you must use the browser. To do this, you must first enter the Twitter website through a browser.

Then enter your username and password and log in to your Twitter profile page.

Click on the Home icon on your Twitter page.
In the open menu, click on Setting and Privacy to enter the settings page.

On the settings page that opens, click on the account option to be redirected to the account settings page.

At this stage, go to the bottom of the page and select the deactivate your account option.

A page will open for you where you must select the deactivate option.
Then enter your password and click deactivate the account. Your Twitter account has been successfully deleted.

Final article

♦ The steps for deleting and deactivating a Twitter account are the same.

♦ Twitter has set 30 days for its users. During this period, your user account information will be preserved. If you log in to Twitter during this period, your account will be activated, and all your information will be returned.

♦ If the period of 30 days passes, your account will be deleted automatically and forever, and you must create another account to use Twitter.

♦ You don’t need to delete your account to change your Twitter URL username; you can do this through Twitter settings.

♦ If you want to use the Twitter username and email address in another Twitter account, be sure to change them before deleting the Twitter account. Remember that you cannot use your username and email in another account before 30 days.

♦ Your user account will be deleted after deleting the Twitter account, but some of your content may be visible on Twitter for a few days after deleting the Twitter account.