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After Google, YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. You may also have a YouTube channel where you share your videos. One of the best social networks for sharing videos is YouTube. What do you do to increase your YouTube views?

Because YouTube is less used in Iran, increasing its views isn’t easy. You can earn money by increasing video views on YouTube. It would help if you learned the tricks and techniques of uploading videos well to increase YouTube views. In this article, we will teach you practical tricks to boost views on YouTube. So stay with us.

Increase YouTube views

Practical tricks to increase YouTube views
The most critical issue for users is increasing YouTube views. For this, we teach you some tricks. Become a pro on YouTube by learning these tricks. By doing the following tricks, you can increase the views of your videos shortly.

To prevent buffering on YouTube, refer to our article on the site.

Increase YouTube views

1) Professional and practical profile page design

The profile page is the first thing that attracts the attention of users. To have a successful YouTube channel, you must spend much time on your profile page. This trick will help you a lot in increasing YouTube views. Profile picture includes cover, name, profile picture, functional specifications, etc.

To create a commercial channel on YouTube, read our article on the site.

2) Title of the video

The headline is the first thing an audience encounters. One of the ways to increase YouTube views is by choosing the right title for the video. Choose the word or words that people have searched for the most. First, create your video title with these words. Then make the title unique by adding a word or two.

Pay attention to these points:

Summary and meaningful titles
Add a date if possible
The best idea to increase YouTube views is to use keywords.
Get the attention of users.
Use words that evoke emotions.
Use powerful words.

3) Video tags or tags

One common mistake preventing you from increasing YouTube views is using the wrong tags. The use of tags on YouTube is different from the content of websites. If you have not paid attention to YouTube labels, now is the best time to start. It is possible to paraphrase your previous posts. So you can go back to your old posts and edit them.

Rules for using video tags on YouTube
Use unique tags on all your videos
You can use suitable keywords for the video tag.
You can use different types of keywords for the video tag.
You can also use popular video tags in your videos. To find frequently used tags, you can use TubeBuddy, one of the Google Chrome extensions. Using video tags is one of the most critical factors in increasing YouTube views.

4) Using a custom video cover image or Thumbnail

A great way to attract and increase YouTube views is to use thumbnails for videos. These thumbnails are what users see before watching your video

Tips for Thumbnails:

Their resolution should be 720×1280.
Upload them in JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats.
It is better to use the 16:9 aspect ratio on YouTube.
Their volume should be at most 2 megabytes.
Users see these photos in Google searches.
You can use Canva and YouZign applications to design thumbnails.

5) Use of brand or logo

According to the following points in the logo, you can achieve a significant increase in YouTube views:

At the beginning of the video, use a 3-5 second clip to show your brand.
You can ask for members or likes at the end of the video.
You can use the Camtasia application for the beginning and end of the video.

6) Sharing videos in virtual networks

You can increase your YouTube views by sharing your videos on social networks. You can inform your contacts if you are active on other social networks. An excellent solution for this is to use a short teaser from your video. This will make users eager to see more of it on your YouTube channel.

Increase YouTube views

Introduction of several social networks for sharing YouTube content
Pinterest tools
Also, share your old videos on virtual networks once in a while.

7) Creating a playlist

The best and most effective way to increase YouTube views is to use a playlist. When you upload a new video, putting it in a playlist is better

Steps to create a new playlist with high attraction power:

Use the correct name in the playlist and use keywords in the title.
Adding the correct description and using keywords in the playlist
Put similar videos in a playlist
Each video can have more than one playlist.
By doing this and putting related videos in that playlist.

YouTube’s playlists are displayed in searches. And this will make your videos more visible.

8- Preparing videos of successful people in their field of work

An interview with an influential person in any area can significantly increase the number of visits to your channel. People will be eager to watch your training videos, especially if the person talks about their successes thoroughly. If you can’t meet successful people. You can make a video call with them and interview that.

9- Response to people’s comments

Responding to people’s comments on YouTube

If you want more people to follow you, you need to communicate with them. Answer comments to attract people. And in this work, get ahead of other YouTubers who never answer others.

10- Seeing training in all stages of work

Even if you have been working with YouTube for a long time, again, you should see a lot of training in different fields. There are many ways to increase views on YouTube. And you should always be eager to learn because humans are changeable. And with the slightest change, they are attracted to the subject. And you have to know what people are looking for and what appeals to them at each stage.

11- Using an attractive watermark

Ways to increase YouTube channel members and use an attractive watermark

You can use a watermark for your videos. But not all watermarks will be successful. Instead, you have to be creative and design it with a unique style. So that people want to click on it and become a member of your channel.

12- Write a description for the channel

YouTube channel description is fundamental. If you write attractive reports about yourself and your work topics, many people will be eager to join your channel. For example, tell me what your goal was in creating the channel. What services do you offer? How do you help people? And ….

13- Focus on quality

The last way to increase YouTube channel members is to focus on the quality of the videos. You may have been told many times that if you want to improve your visit. You have to produce videos one after the other. But this is a wrong belief. Instead of mass production, you must make attractive and unique videos. Creating videos that don’t get visitors will be useless.

You must be able to respond to people’s needs. And always build what they were looking for. Creative people can easily attract visitors through YouTube.

Suppose you want to find the right keywords for your video. And apply them in the title and description. You should gain some knowledge about keywords. We tell you in the article about finding YouTube keywords. How can you choose the most suitable keywords? to multiply your visits?

This article discussed the most important tips for increasing YouTube channel members. You, too, so that you can succeed in it. And get a lot of visitors, and you need to be a little creative. And continue to work patiently to achieve good results.

All those who have become famous in cyberspace. They have spent many hours and attracted people to them in different ways. Be sure if you make unique and attractive videos. Unconsciously, people will be eager to watch them and your other videos.
Many users can see your videos. Playlists created are located in YouTube search results.

Increase YouTube views

8) Responding to all comments

The easiest way to increase YouTube views. Most people don’t. By doing this, you can go a long way. So when you publish a new video, reply to all your comments. Answering comments is an excellent way to be seen.

9) Publication of long videos

You may be wondering why posting long videos increases YouTube views. So be patient and stay with us

According to recent statistics on Google ranking factors: videos with a long time have the highest ranking.

10) End of video Use video ads

Users should watch more videos from your channel to increase their YouTube views. Please encourage them to watch other videos on your channel

Here is a simple way to do this:

Put other videos from your channel at the end of your videos. This way, you encourage users to watch two or even more of your videos. This simple solution can bring you many visits and followers.

Increase YouTube views

11) Interviewing influencers in your field of work

This method will make you have a booming job market in your area of work on YouTube. This is an indirect way to increase YouTube views. After finding influencers in your area, you can have an interview with Skype or Google Hangouts.

Starting today, you can use these simple tricks in your videos. YouTube is a business that does not require initial capital. If you want to earn money on YouTube, you must follow these tricks. These tricks and strategies are highly effective in increasing YouTube views.

You should always be active in the academy and educational articles to attract views on YouTube. Putting a clip alone is not adequate. Prefer the quality of the work over the quantity and don’t aim to publish a lot of content. If you use another trick, share it with us. Share your questions and problems in this field in the comments section.