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What is an internet business?

Any activity on the Internet that can turn into income generation is called an Internet business, but two conditions are essential; firstly, the main business is a platform, and you do your work. Secondly, you will be through earning and earning a stable income.

To explain these two conditions better, you can give some examples:

For example, a person has social activities on social networks and earns money by selling his products. This does not become an Internet business because it violates both conditions. Is this person the owner of the business platform? No, Because the medium he started his company is not his.

Is his income from this business stable? Again no. What is the guarantee that this social network or messenger will not lose its popularity? Does anyone today use Facebook as a social network and Viber as a messenger??! Naturally, with the decrease in the popularity of that social network, your business will also be destroyed, so your income is not stable.

Types of models of making money from the Internet

In this section, we want to learn the types of internet business models so that I have the correct category of businesses in mind. This will help us in choosing the kind of our business.

Types of internet income models

1) Selling goods:

In this model, earning money from the desired internet product is sold directly or indirectly; for example, we can refer to DigiKala, which sells its products directly and indirectly. It is possible to mention sales cooperation systems as an example of indirect sales of goods.

2) Providing services:

Providing services directly or through internet intermediaries is a model of other incomes. You now offer assistance to your customers or cooperate with those who provide services, and you only order that. This model offers indirect or indirect services—the same mediators are provided.

For example, we can mention Stig or website design companies like ours, which provide services directly to their customers. But the representatives of these hosting and domain companies are only order takers and receive their commissions and provide them with services in the category of intermediaries or indirect.

3) Sales content:

As a model, we deal with content production and its latest income. These previous models have two direct and indirect modes. In the direct mode, you can produce (usually educational) videos worth buying and sell them directly, like the Faradres website, which operates in academic video production.

Indirectly, content is produced for free, and someone is making the traffic that your website attracts without paying you. Such as online magazines and…

Note: An internet business can use several models simultaneously to earn money; for example, you can sell goods and content on the same website.

Set up an internet business.

You will be more motivated when you know how to start an internet business and make money from the Internet. In this section, by introducing the main advantages of internet business, we tempt you to create this type of business!

Advantages of internet business

1- Setting up with little initial capital and sometimes even without capital!

2- Not being limited to a specific geographical area

In most of the business done, you can only serve a minimal geographical location, for example, only your city. But in your internet business, there are no restrictions in this field, and you can do the whole country or even abroad.

3- Making money 24 hours a day

Imagine you are earning while you are sleeping! Even the idea is lovely! Something that is a normal thing in internet businesses! Most internet businesses are generating income for their owners 24/7.

4- Relatively low cost of branding and advertising on the Internet

Usually, advertising solutions for a business are costly (such as billboards, etc.). Still, in Internet business, you can advertise with the same feedback and sometimes even more feedback at a much lower price.

5- Smart and targeted marketing and customer attraction

Explain this with an example. You advertise a mobile store as a billboard or TV commercial for your store. What percentage of people who see your ad need your products or services at that time??!

We assume that you are currently advertising your store on the Internet. For example, for your website to rank well in the search results for the term “mobile shopping” or your website, Did you optimize that term for SEO? What percentage of people who search for this phrase and enter your website need your products??! This means intelligent and targeted marketing!

6- Quick and easy access to statistics, financial information, and…

In your online business, instead of having an accountant handle your financial information, you only need a short click to report, issue invoices, and many other things! Simply!

7- simultaneous management of several businesses

Because an internet business takes very little time compared to a physical business, you can manage several companies together and earn from different places. You can even use it as a second job.

The advantages of internet business do not end with these things, and we introduced 7 primary benefits of internet business in this article.

How to start an internet business?

Now that we know the internet business and its types and advantages, we will go through the steps of setting up a successful business and clarify the path for you.

First step: Know your abilities!

Take a sheet of paper and write everything you have in your bag! This will help you decide which area to start your internet business. For example, you know how to work with graphics software at a beginner level or are a good writer. These simple things will help you a lot to move on. In short, write whatever you think you know.

Second step: choosing the field of work

Choose a field of work according to your abilities. The problem that most people have in choosing a lot of work is that they want to launch a new idea; if you have a unique vision and ability, it’s great. But if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter!! You have to start. Remember that a low-quality plan launched is far better than a high-quality plan that never establishes due to your sensitivities.

If you are in doubt about choosing several fields of work, don’t worry, we introduce you to a tool that will make your decision easier:

Google Trends! Using this tool, you can see how popular and searched different terms are in the Google search engine. For example, suppose a person knows piano and guitar and wants to set up a specialized website for piano or guitar lessons; this person can use the Google Trends tool to compare the number of searches for the terms “piano lessons” and “guitar lessons.”

The third step: analyzing your competitors and checking their performance

One of the critical points before and after starting an internet business is to analyze competitors’ performance. Know your competitors in your chosen field and check their performance. From their performance in content creation for their website to their social media pages and their marketing strategies, analyze them and try to be a head above them in all cases. Remember that the more you know your competitors, the easier it is to outdo them.

Fourth step: Launching the website

After completing the above steps, it’s finally time to start your business on your platform. There are several ways ahead of you to create a website.

1- You can contact a website design company and share your plan and idea with them so that you can get advice from them and that they can design a website for you according to your needs and tastes. This is the best option if you have enough budget to start your online business.

2- You can do it yourself! Learn to work with a popular content management system (CMS) like WordPress and launch your website by preparing and installing templates and plugins without coding knowledge. This method is very suitable for people who need to become more familiar with web programming because it is economical in terms of time and money.

3- You can learn to code yourself and design your website. This option is not recommended at all due to spending a lot of time learning to program, and this path is complicated to a certain extent.

We suggest that if you have enough budget for this, don’t spend your time learning the content management system and entrust the launch of your website to a website design company so that they can do it for you in a more professional, moral, and faster way. One of the services provided by the site’s team for its customers is cheap and professional website design according to the needs of people for their businesses.

Fifth step: producing relevant content and attracting targeted customers

OK! After our website is launched, we need to attract customers to it so that we can start earning online.

Touch There are different ways to do this, including banner ads, ad reporting, etc., all of which have high costs, so how can you attract visitors without spending a lot of money? So simple! By producing content that fits our business. Let’s talk a little more about this.

Suppose we have a website selling clothes; now, we can introduce our website to different people through search engines like Google by producing content related to the clothing field. For example, we write an article about “how to tie a tie,” We can display the best-selling ties on our website at the end of the same page. What is the use of this work? Join us to tell you about its excellent benefits!

Someone searches for this term or terms related to it in Google or other search engines, and if your website is in a good position, he enters your website. His needs are met, but regardless of that, he has also seen your website and your products, and it is possible to buy from you right now or in the future. Because naturally, the person looking for a tutorial on how to tie a tie is the person who will use a link, and you have that product! That’s it; you just got a targeted customer! So we learned that meeting customer needs can make us customers.

We realized that we could boost our internet business by producing content related to our business and attracting targeted customers through search engines. But the critical question is, how to get a good position in search engine results? To be in a better place in the search results of your desired phrase in search engines like Google, you must know the concept of optimization and SEO. Of course, not in a very professional way, which is time-consuming and specialized, but in the form of a webmaster (site administrator). If you are still getting familiar with the SEO or site optimization concept, please read the following article.

Note: There are some things, including marketing in social networks, etc., which need to be explained in this article.

summary and Conclusion

At first, we found out what internet business is, and we categorized earning money from the Internet into three models: selling goods, providing services, and selling content. Next, we learned about the advantages of internet business, the most important of which are meager initial capital and high income.

After getting acquainted with the advantages of this type of business, we went to the question of how to set up an internet business. This section presented 5 basic and essential steps in setting up an internet business


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