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This article will introduce you to ways to increase YouTube channel members. The reason for choosing this article is that YouTube is the second most popular site in the world after Google. Many users upload their videos every day. And they also watch other videos. So it is essential to be active and increase views on YouTube.

As we all know, things like uploading, watching, and sharing videos can be done on YouTube. You can also create video clips, music, and educational videos using Adobe Flash.

We want to propose ways to increase channel members.

Basic methods of increasing YouTube channel members

1- An attractive title for the video

Attractive title for a YouTube video

First, you have to search for a topic about your topic. And among them, choose a title that has more searches, or its video has more views. Then add a word related to your video at the end.

Pay attention to some important points to write the title.

Titles should be brief but valuable.
Do something to attract attention (for example, free AutoCAD professional training)
Use powerful words (best, first, fastest, exceptional, etc.)
In some titles, use the year’s date (for example, the latest methods of earning money in 2023).
Use stimulating words (emotional, perfect, hot, etc.)
If you use the above tips along with searchable titles, you can increase the views of your channel.

2- Tagging for video

One of the most common mistakes people make on YouTube is using inappropriate tags. Labeling in this app is entirely different from labeling elsewhere.
To choose the correct tags, we will tell you the essential points about tagging.

Use different types of your keyword in the tag field (cognates and related words). You can also get help from YouTube’s automatic suggestions.
Use unique tags to be seen more. (for example, the name of your brand)
Tags are an essential factor in the ranking of YouTube videos. So don’t use any tags.
Tag the keyword on its own as well. (The keyword is the main topic of your video.)
You can make videos from popular tags and use those tags. (For example, if you make educational videos in the field of software and the Photoshop tag is used a lot, make a video of that program as well)
Tip: You can get help from the TubeBuddy extension in Google Chrome to find the most visited tags.

3- Customized cover image for the video

Ways to increase YouTube subscribers Custom cover image for video

Valid accounts can use this feature on YouTube. A video with an attractive cover makes you stand out among related videos.

But this case, like the above cases, needs to follow a series of points.

The cover size (Thumbnail) should be less than 2 MB.
The appropriate resolution for it is 1280×720.
Their usable format is JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.
A 16:9 aspect ratio should be used in it.

4- Proper branding for video

At the beginning of the video, there should be a presentation of the brand for about 5 seconds. The brand should be displayed at the end of the video, and others should be asked to watch your other videos. You must have an attractive and unique logo for your brand.

The more attractive your logo and memorable your brand name, the more views your channel videos will get.

5- Communicating between different social networks

Ways to increase YouTube channel members and communicate between different social networks

It is not possible to increase YouTube channel members only with the above. You have other things to do—for example, activity on other social networks. For the videos to be seen as much as possible, you should also be active on other social media. You should be active on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest. And create connections between your different social networks.

Tip: Buffer tool is a powerful tool for sharing schedules. You can get help from it. Try to share your videos on other social networks. To increase their visits.

6- Building a website for the YouTube channel

You can design a site for yourself with WordPress and share videos there. Try to include text content about your brand or training on the site. And SEO your content with the help of different tools to get more visits.

If you want to give an accurate and reliable address from your YouTube page, you can buy a domain and redirect it to your YouTube page.

7- Getting help from a playlist

Increasing YouTube channel members and getting help from a playlist

Using a YouTube playlist is a sure way to increase views. If you intend to create a playlist, choose a meaningful name and put the desired keyword in the title. I also wrote a detailed explanation for it and put related videos in that playlist.

YouTube’s playlists are displayed in searches. And this will make your videos more visible.

8- Preparing videos of successful people in their field of work

An interview with an influential person in any area can significantly increase the number of visits to your channel. People will be eager to watch your training videos, especially if the person talks about their successes thoroughly. If you can’t meet successful people. You can make a video call with them and interview that.

9- Response to people’s comments

Responding to people’s comments on YouTube

If you want more people to follow you, you need to communicate with them. Answer comments to attract people. And in this work, get ahead of other YouTubers who never answer others.

10- Seeing training in all stages of work

Even if you have been working with YouTube for a long time, again, you should see a lot of training in different fields. There are many ways to increase views on YouTube. And you should always be eager to learn because humans are changeable. And with the slightest change, they are attracted to the subject. And you have to know what people are looking for and what appeals to them at each stage.

11- Using an attractive watermark

Ways to increase YouTube channel members and use an attractive watermark

You can use a watermark for your videos. But not all watermarks will be successful. Instead, you have to be creative and design it with a unique style. So that people want to click on it and become a member of your channel.

12- Write a description for the channel

YouTube channel description is fundamental. If you write attractive reports about yourself and your work topics, many people will be eager to join your channel. For example, tell me what your goal was in creating the channel. What services do you offer? How do you help people? And ….

13- Focus on quality

The last way to increase YouTube channel members is to focus on the quality of the videos. You may have been told many times that if you want to improve your visit. You have to produce videos one after the other. But this is a wrong belief. Instead of mass production, you have to make beautiful and unique videos. Creating videos that don’t get visitors will be useless.

You must be able to respond to people’s needs. And always build what they were looking for. Creative people can easily attract visitors through YouTube.

Suppose you want to find the right keywords for your video. And apply them in the title and description. You should gain some knowledge about keywords. We tell you in the article about finding YouTube keywords. How can you choose the most suitable keywords? to multiply your visits?

This article discussed the most important tips for increasing YouTube channel members. You, too, so that you can succeed in it. And get a lot of visitors, and you need to be a little creative. And continue to work patiently to achieve good results.

All those who have become famous in cyberspace. They have spent many hours and attracted people to them in different ways. Be sure if you make unique and attractive videos. Unconsciously, people will be eager to watch them and your other videos.