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In various articles to increase site visits, general methods such as improving user experience, content, etc., are not very easy to implement. But today, we will express simple and practical ways to increase website traffic, which you can implement in just a few days.

Many users constantly complain about the low number of visits to their site and ask how to increase the number of visits to the site. Usually, when solutions to this issue are said, they don’t go for its implementation! You should implement the things mentioned in this article, hair by hair; you will be surprised by its effect.

In the following, with the help of a few steps, you can help several organic entries to your site.

How to increase website traffic with targeted content?

Content marketing refers to the steps of creating, publishing, and distributing content on the web. By implementing the following steps and creating compelling content, you can see significant growth in traffic statistics without any cost.

Creating free educational content

One effective method is knowing what the user is looking for. For example, we created a free training section on the admin site, which has received much attention from site users. You can also provide this educational content to users through blog posts, e-books, podcasts, videos, etc.

Content production based on competitors’ visit statistics

Another effective action you can take with content is to find popular topics. Months ago, I noticed websites like site admin were getting high traffic with words like the best programming language.

So, go to the existing websites in your field of activity and collect the most visited topics and start publishing quality content on these topics.

Record podcast and publish it

A podcast is a type of content created through audio recording. If you haven’t checked out the podcast yet, try it. Use a mobile phone to record your voice. After the podcast is ready, we come to its most crucial part; Publishing a podcast!

Video production and publishing

As you know, after Google, YouTube is the website with the most incoming traffic. This shows the importance of video among all types of content styles. It is enough for you to record some educational videos in your field and publish them on video hosting websites.

Write a guest post

A guest post is a post that you publish on someone else’s website. At first, it may seem like a joke that you write for other people’s websites?! But it is good to know that by writing quality articles, you can convince the users of that website to visit your site.

Many popular websites allow you to create guest posts. One of these spaces is the Virgol website.

Create reference pages and deserve backlinks!

A backlink is a link that you receive from other websites. Backlinks have a significant impact on increasing the credibility of your site. So create pages on your website that are backlink tables.

For example, you can create free online tools in your field, publish the results of your studies and experiences, or interview well-known people.

Increase site visits by following internal SEO tips

With the help of SEO, you can get visits from the search results without the cost and by optimizing the site, The method we have been using for years in the admin site.

1- Using long keywords

It may be interesting to know that most input statistics can be obtained with the help of long-tail keywords. Now it is enough to use words with more details for SEO on your website pages.

Increase site visits by following internal SEO tips.

For example, instead of the phrase “selling shoes,” work on more detailed words such as “selling men’s formal shoes” or “selling women’s sports shoes.” While having easier SEO, these words also create a higher conversion rate.

2- Improving technical SEO

This title does not have an obvious meaning for you! Technical or technical SEO refers to site optimization that is effective in SEO. One of the essential aspects of technical SEO is website speed, which is necessary for Google.

Note that unless your website is ready in terms of speed and technical aspects, you will not be able to rank high in search results.

3- Internal linking

Internal linking is one of the things that increase user traffic on your website. The longer the users stay on your website, the more Google realizes that your website is helpful for users and the position of the articles. Improves your search results.

4- Using structured data

We often use structured data to increase the click rate and improve the statistics of your site visits. Structured data is code that helps search engines understand your site’s content more easily. Google recommends using structured data.

Improvement with the help of email marketing

If you are one of those people who think that email marketing is no longer effective, you should know that you are very wrong. Once and for all, prepare an email-sending panel and do email marketing with the help of the following. This method can significantly increase the traffic to your site.

1- Creating a newsletter

Put a newsletter form on your website to get users’ email addresses. These forms are made possible by email marketing plugins such as a master.

Increasing site visit statistics with the help of email marketing

After collecting the email, send a summary of the site’s articles to the subscribers every week and make them return to your website to read the articles in total.

2- Creating welcome emails

You can send a welcome email to newly registered users and in this email introduce some interesting articles from your site to the users so that they become curious and refer to those articles.

3- Notification of discounts

If your website is a store, creating discount campaigns on different occasions and informing your users about them is better. In addition to increasing site visits and increasing traffic, this method has a significant effect on the amount of income of your website.

Increasing incoming traffic to the site with social networks

1- Increasing website visits with Instagram

Increase website traffic with Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. You can create an account for your business and publish a summary of the site’s content there. Two important spaces for receiving site traffic on Instagram are:

Biography: Put a link in your bio and write effective sentences to drive users to enter the website. This method is effective in increasing your site visits.

Story: Initially, you cannot put links in your stories, but if your users reach 10,000 people, you can use this option to direct users to articles with your products.

2- Increasing site visits with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the social networks for businesses. Create an account in this social network, share relevant group content, and insert targeted content.

Improve website traffic by joining forums.

Membership in forums was the first way we could drive a few dozen visitors to this website daily. Since content marketing and the SEO process work for an extended period, we chose to be active in the forum to have statistics of visits quickly, which was adequate.

Search for engines related to your field in Google. Join there, and communicate with other users. Sometimes questions are asked that you can include links to articles on your site to answer them and ask them to refer to your site’s article for more guidance.

Increase site visit statistics with advertisements

Finally, if you are willing to pay for your website, try the following methods. Getting a backlink increases your website’s SEO credibility and increases the chances of your site appearing in search results.

1- Getting a backlink

Never buy backlink packages. You should find websites related to your articles and display keywords in their content so that they link to your site for a fee.

2- Use of advertisement reporting

By writing a targeted report, in addition to increasing the SEO ranking of your website, you can convince the visitors of the publishing site to visit your site.

Final word:

Don’t look for a single way to increase website traffic. All the solutions above can contribute to the incoming traffic of your site. You have to take the time to implement them.

If you know another method, share it with other users in the comments section.