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How to start an internet business and succeed in it takes work. You have to go from choosing a product to selling it. Starting an internet business from scratch requires dedication, hard work, and intelligence.

In our Internet Business Beyond the Basics of E-Commerce article, we will help you start an Internet business that includes finding a product to sell or selling products that you currently sell through traditional marketing. Become a professional

Many businesses and online stores that you see were not present in this space until ten or even five years ago. For your job to reach their feet, you must determine a strategy to be present in this space and use your knowledge and strength.

If you do it right, your sales will gradually grow from a no-investment internet business with low sales to a profitable business.

Let’s go together to the principles and how to start an internet business.

Who is this guide for?

If you are one of the following, this article will significantly help you. Setting up an internet business

You are an entrepreneur who wants to start your own e-commerce business.

Are you looking to expand and increase your business and business sales?

Do you want to wholesale or retail your products online?

Continuing this article will be very useful if one of the above is your goal. By learning this, you can count on your brand.

10 steps to start an internet business with bare hands

The following guide is the process of starting an online business with ease. We will discuss each step below. By the end of this article, you will know how to create your own e-commerce business.

But before that, let’s go to know some critical issues.

What is an internet business?

Suppose you own a business and sell a product or service using the online space or the Internet; instead of waiting for customers to come, you go to them and introduce your product. The Internet is where users look for the tools and services they need. But the best areas on the Internet are given to websites, social networks, email, etc.

Customers and recipients of services or products first refer to that job’s website or Instagram page and get familiar. Then, if they are convinced, they order the desired effect.

Now that we know what internet business is let’s go to 10 ways to start an internet business.

A few important points before starting an internet business

If you want to avoid spending money in this field and start your work for free, read the following tips.

If you are starting and want an online job, you should get to know yourself better in Abenda. Take a pen and paper and write down everything you know you are good at. Everyone may not take this first step seriously and say it’s useless, but remember that you are doing (at least) one thing that no one has done before.

Your expertise can be outside IT or website design, but even specialties such as cooking and sewing can be suitable for online work.

Write down your goal. What are you going to achieve? Determine the path for yourself.

Know the tools you are going to work with and earn money from. If necessary, see online or face-to-face courses.

Even if you already have a job and are going to outsource it, get information about design, optimization, and social media.

1- Determining the strategy for selling goods (niche)

The first step to starting an online business is determining how to sell your products. Suppose you have a sports equipment store; different types of equipment can be found in your store. The first step is determining what products you will start your work with.!!!

You have 2 ways to sell online:

Selling all kinds of products

no sale

The first option means selling the types of products and services that you want. You may like acting like an Amazon or Digikala store and selling different product types.

The second option, or the same niche, means specifying the category of specific contacts. It means you have to choose a particular product, know your target audience, and provide services like selling products that end in skateboarding.

2- Market analysis of your ideas

After choosing a product to sell, the second step in how to start an online business is to ask a few questions:

Are your idea and development suitable for sale?

What obstacles and challenges are in front of you?

What support services should you provide for customer satisfaction?

What is the impact of your services and products on the market, and what needs do they meet?

After answering these questions, you should focus on the issues and challenges of your product. Check the answers you have given above carefully and put yourself in the customer’s place. If you buy your product online, what are the most important things for you? Setting up an internet business

What is the size and weight of your product? What problems will there be in shipping and shipping costs?

Your product may need to be fixed in shipping. What is your solution for that?

Does your product have a particular size and variety? For the size type of different people, Sizing is the most critical problem for customers in online businesses.

Is your product consumable? Plan for the longevity of your product. Food with a short expiration date is also essential for the audience.

Do you have a seasonal product? Does your product sell in a particular season? Do you have any plans for other seasons?

3- Researching goods online (keyword)

You have done two basic ways of starting an internet business. You must complete this research and search for the product you want online.

Follow the steps below to make your internet business grow fast.

Keyword research

How to choose a keyword? Keywords are words that people search for or talk about in search engines. Audiences use search engines to find all kinds of goods or services. For example, searching for types of movies, checking the weather, etc.

Through this work, you can see the level of user demand for your product or service. One of the programs that can help you in this matter is Keyword Tool.

Search rate

In this part of setting up an electronic job, we will introduce an excellent site for the number of search words you found in the previous position.

In Google Trends, you can easily see the amount and number of searches for a word, and this program will help you see in which geographic or urban area your products are searched the most.

This will help you to know your target market better and create content for them.

Social Networks

Pay attention to this medium. Search for the desired words that you found above in various social networks.

For example, you can use the list of the most visited trend hashtags and see which of your products is most searched. And in which social network do they care more about your products?

4-Competitor analysis

In this part of setting up an internet business, the training and analysis of competitors is our most important task.

Essential things in competitor analysis: starting an internet business

Identifying their strengths and weaknesses is your primary job in this space. Visit their sites and see what works and services are available on their site and social networks and the process they go through.

How is the photo of their products, and what photo model have they used for their creation?

What is the description of their goods? How much is it?

What is the shopping experience of their customers?

Check the comments and polls.

What color is their organizational color?

Do they use newsletters and email?

How are their articles and blogs?

Check about us and contact us.

How do you support services and products?

What is the method of payment and purchase?

How are the goods transported?

5- Transportation rules

Setting up an accessible internet business or with advice from companies that operate in this area should be done with caution and thorough research on all aspects of sales.

Read the sales tax on these types of jobs.

Get information about the rules of selling your products online.

Think of electronic symbols for your site so that the audience can trust you more easily.

Determine how the product categories and inventory are supposed to look in this section.

Check your goods insurance. If they need insurance, now is the time to think about it.

Is a sales license required or not?

6- Setting up an online store

This section is the showcase of your job. It’s time to start an internet business and become a website manager. Design your site. Things you need to know about how to create an internet business: beginning an internet business

Make sure your site is professional and looks good.

Focus on the quality of your website.

To start an accessible internet business, you need to learn to design yourself.

Accessibility is the most crucial point for user comfort.

Check the site speed.

Check the product categories and make sure that the user is also comfortable.

Check your site with mobile. Most of your customers enter via mobile.

Check the payment method.

Whether you start a business at home or a company selling goods doesn’t matter. You must comply with the above on the site.

7- Increasing site traffic

The seventh item of free internet business training is to increase site entries. Work on the optimization or SEO of your site. Things that are important in this part of setting up an online store:

Compliance with technical SEO

Know the types of SEO methods.

If you do not have the ability in this field, you cannot do this by reading the article. So leave this work to companies that specialize in this work. We can help you a lot in this field.

8- Using all social networks

Free online business training at home is easily possible with social networks. If your activity is limited and small, working only in this sector is better. But if you have a relatively large store, you should also follow the above. Starting an Internet Business

Many people in Iran currently do Internet business at home without capital, and you can be one of them. If you are interested in this topic, read the free tutorial on making money from Instagram in Iran.

But if you have many products, after designing a website and optimizing it to all networks in droves. Try to be active on all social networks.

Publish the product and the description and how to use them in different media. Every network is a chance to find a buyer for your goods.

9-Analyze yourself

You read an article about internet business. And now you know very well what steps to take. But after doing and implementing the measures mentioned above, you should go through all the efforts you have made from the beginning after some time has passed since you started your work.

After some time, see if you have progressed or not.

10-Traditional marketing combined with online marketing

A critical point: designing a website or joining social networks alone will not increase your sales. Optimizing your site will take at least 6 months to be on the first pages of Google. Setting up an Internet business

But what is the solution? In this period of 6 months, so that your site comes in the first ranks, use different methods and help your site rank yourself.

Introduce your old customers to your site and give them its address.

Advertise your online space everywhere.

Do creative things and invite your product contacts to social media to visit your pages.

Use SMS panels to introduce your site to your old customers.

Encourage users to buy from the site.


Everything should start with planning and determining a long-term strategy. The first step to creating an online business is planning and researching your target audience. After that, go for competitor analysis and research.