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?What are the stages of YouTube settings

Currently, there are many different platforms to provide advertising methods, such as publishing other videos. One of the most popular and widely used software and platforms is YouTube. Using any of these advertising tools requires some settings. For proper and optimal use of YouTube, it is essential to perform operations in the direction of YouTube settings. Because users need to use these settings to avoid problems. Therefore, before using any application or software, it is better to familiarize yourself with its settings and capabilities. In this article, we will introduce you to this software’s valuable and essential settings.

?What settings are needed to enter YouTube

In addition to the YouTube settings, some steps must be taken before entering it. As mentioned, YouTube is one of the most powerful videos publishing applications. Millions of people continuously upload and publish their videos on various topics on this platform. Iranian users know that this software is a filter in our country. So, to enter it, you must first activate your filter breaker and then enter it. After logging in, you can watch different movies. But if you want to upload your videos in addition to watching movies, you must first create a Google account, and it should also be said that you can log in with your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you must create an account in Google.

YouTube settings

YouTube settings for uploading videos in it with the desired conditions

If you intend to upload your video or music to YouTube, there are settings like YouTube to increase security. For example, you can determine the ability to view the video by specific people. Also, you can select and apply special conditions for publishing your content by choosing options. To perform this operation, you must perform some steps. These steps can include the following:

Public option: As the name suggests, this option is entirely public, and everyone can watch your video. This option is more beneficial for advertising films. Because everyone can easily see your promotional videos and, for example, your branding introduction, this is an easy way to advertise.

Private option: This option in YouTube settings has a more personal mode and allows you to choose the people you want to watch your video. Therefore, selecting this option will give your video a more private way.

Unlisted option: choosing this option means that only those who have the link to the movie will be able to see your movie. Otherwise, watching your film just by entering YouTube and searching for it is impossible.

Scheduled option:  If you choose this option, you can upload your video and then determine the time of its publication. With this, you can only watch your movie after the desired time arrives. So you can easily manage the publishing time of your works.

last word

Using any software, there is a need to make unique settings for proper use and increased security. YouTube software is no exception to this rule. In this article, we tried to briefly and usefully describe the initial and essential stages of YouTube settings. By doing these things, you can safely upload and then publish your film or video, as well as your music, taking into account the conditions you want.

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