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Nowadays, you hear the term YouTube a lot. So it is better to familiarize yourself with these terms.

Even if you want to work and make money in this field, you should be familiar with these YouTube terms, which are its alphabet. YouTube is an excellent platform for people, marketers, advertisers, and creators to show their talent and allows doing business. It helps them connect with people across platforms.

YouTube is the biggest marketing tool for marketers, the biggest platform for artists, and a fantastic platform to watch trending video content and content worldwide. Click to create a YouTube channel in Iran.

Common YouTube terms
In different YouTube courses or among other people’s conversations, you often hear the following YouTube terms:

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Video creators and those who are active on YouTube are called YouTubers.

Subscribing means following the YouTube channel. This YouTube term is similar to following on Instagram.

Subscribers or followers are people who follow your YouTube channel.

The terms YouTube subscribe, and subscriber is similar to the following and follower on Instagram.

One of the YouTube terms you hear is monetization or the YouTube monetization system that helps content creators earn money from their content.

The term monetization is used when a YouTube channel reaches the ability to generate revenue in dollars. Channels usually generate income by going 4000 hours of watch time in 12 months and 1000 subscribers.

De Monetize
This term is the opposite of the time Monetize and means cutting off income from YouTube. The closure of earnings occurs due to a violation of copyright laws or other YouTube rules.

When a YouTube channel violates the guidelines and policies, it will be demonetized, and monetization will stop from its videos.

View velocity
This term specifies the speed of video views, which is very effective in the channel’s growth. Tracks with faster View Velocity are ranked higher in YouTube’s suggestion system.

YouTube’s recommendation system displays a section that shows videos that YouTube thinks you’ll be most interested in or find useful.

CTR or Click-through rate
The click-through rate of videos indicates how many percent of users click on the suggested video. The click rate is calculated by the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions.

Copyright is one of the YouTube terms you are familiar with, and it is used in other fields.

Copyright is a license that prohibits YouTube content creators from using their works for others.

Fair Use
The legal use of YouTube is known as Fair Use.

User Content ID
The user content ID system is an intelligent system designed by YouTube. This ID helps users and creators protect their videos uploaded to YouTube from free bootloading. Anyone using videos that have a Content ID will receive a strike warning.

tag or tags are used in the channel or at the bottom of YouTube videos, similar to Instagram hashtags.

Tags are a list of keywords related to the topic of the video to help rank the videos.

Keywords are essential on YouTube because they strengthen the SEO, and the videos go viral.

MCM or Multi Channel Network
Intermediary companies help you earn money from YouTube in Iran and connect YouTubers and YouTubers.

The rank of the YouTube channel among other competitors is displayed under the title Rank.

The amount YouTube pays per 1000 views is called RPM.

Watch Time
The term YouTube Watch Time refers to the total time that YouTube channel videos have been watched. Watch time is usually calculated in hours.

The amount paid for advertising is known as YouTube CPM.

Channel description or video description is fundamental. The presence of attractive reports can encourage YouTube users to watch the video.

The description must be 1000 characters, with the first 157 characters displayed at the top of the page.

The title of the content and video is placed in the Title section.

A title is 50-70 characters describing the video’s purpose.

The thumbnail or video preview image is the first image displayed in your video.

Users will notice the content of your video by seeing this image. Therefore, it plays a significant role in attracting the audience.

Video dominance or user persuasion is in the first 15 seconds of the video.

CTA or Call to Action
This YouTube term is an invitation to sponsor a video and an interactive element that appears on an ad and can help drive clicks to your website.

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